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SpectraStar 2500XL-R


SpectraStar 2500XL-R

SpectraStar XLThe SpectraStar™ 2500XL-R is our research-grade instrument and has the extended wavelength range and sample handling to handle complex sample types and virtually any constituent that can be measured by NIR.  Sample measurements are complete in 30 seconds.  

High Performance

The 2500XL-R is based on our TRUE NIR™ spectrophotometer, complete with state of the art components to produce the most accurate and precise measurement of the NIR absorbance spectrum.  The 2500XL-R scans the classical NIR wavelength range from 680 nm through the NIR region up to 2500 nm, providing maximum spectral coverage and allowing for a direct and allowing complete transfer of calibrations from NIRSystems, FOSS, Bran+Luebbe, Bruker and Thermo systems.

Easy to Use

Inside the SpectraStarXL-R is a Windows® computer with solid state hard drive (SSD) and Intel® Atom™ processor for performance and reliability. A 17" touch screen makes sample analysis via the intuitive InfoStar software as easy as a couple finger touches.

Versatile Sampling Options

The rotating top window design of the SpectrStar2500 XL-R provides maximum sample handling flexibility.  Sample cells and devices are available that allow for the analysis of fine and coarse ground powders, slurries and liquids. 

At-Line Ready

All SpectraStar XLs are sealed and use no fans or cooling systems, thus no filters or routine maintenance is required.

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Unity Scientific NIR instruments are designed and manufactured in the USA, using USA sourced parts whenever possible.